Climbing the Corporate Ladder: Switchfoot


Welcome to Climbing the Corporate Ladder.  The name comes from part of the picture on the latest switchfoot ( album "Nothing is Sound." On the cover there is a picture of a man in a suit climbing up the ladder.  Suddenly I realised possibly what this picture was referring to.  I think it is reffering to "Climbing the Corporate Ladder".  Anyways, I will post links, videos and other cool stuff about bands I like and I think you should hear.  Enjoy this blog and enjoy the music.

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Switchfoot:  Check out some of Switchfoot's other special videos such as Ninja Tim, etc.  If you are a switchfoot fan you should check out (a great switchfoot fansite) to find out even more about the band.  To get started I'll post a couple cool switchfoot videos for you to watch.

Other:  As well as Switchfoot videos and other stuff I will also post some cool other links videos for other bands that you should see, hear and if you want you can touch (your computer screen).  Have fun exploring this blog and discover a whole new world of music.

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